This Luv

The Event

New Jack • Smooth RnB • Groovy Soca • Booty Music • and Chocolate

Spawned from genres that I absolutely LUV
Based on a track that I can't get enough of...


You know when you are listening to the radio, and you hear that NEW JACK track being played (Teddy Riley, Heavy D, Father MC, BBD, Bobby Brown to name a few) and in your head you're like "I Love This Music". Let's say you were cleaning up and you stumble on an old box of cassette tapes. Curious as to what's on them you find you tape player and press play.

Only to hear that smooth RnB that brings you back to your elementary school days or even that mixtape with those dope CLASSIC BOOTY tracks that can't keep you still. Sounds like an afternoon or better yet a night we can entitle, THIS LUV. Coupled with those other genres putting GROOVY SOCA into the mix…there's no way you could go wrong!

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